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Working Equitation


We are delighted to be able to bring this exciting disipline to Yorkshire!

Working Equitation is an equestrian disipline originating from the methods used to train horses that worked cattle on ranches and farms. It is now well established as a recognised sport in Portugal, France, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Mexico, Brazil and Sweden

It's dressage with obstacles and it's seriously good fun!!

This film is of the World Champion Pedro Torres.

This is the Grand Prix' of Working Equitation but we all have to start somewhere!!  

All our horses and ponies are adept at the various obstacles and in your riding lessons you too can have fun and enjoy this new sport!


Our Spanish stallion 'Jubileo' and Karen have won competitions at both of the Portuguese Working Equitation events held in this country in 2013.


Come and join us!  Just let your instructor know that you are interested in trying some Working Equitation obstacles and she will incorporate them into your ride!

Are you up for a challenge!!

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Have your own horse?


You can hire the arena with obstacles and have fun with your horse/pony!  Horses and ponies soon get used to the obstacles and become calmer, more confident and therefore more useful and safer animals to ride and handle! Lessons available with your own horse

Riding Clubs and Societies


We are keen to promote this exciting sport in Yorkshire, Lancashire and surrounding areas.  Why not arrange for groups of riders to come to our ''Come and try' days to see how they like it?  Or if there is a lot of interest we could bring the obstacles, a demonstration horse and rider and show you how its done at your venue!  Please telephone us for more information


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The NEW equestrian sport for all!

For more information please contact


Tel:01422 846249

Tamzin: 0782 744 6134



The Working Equitation competition is designed to test horse and rider through a range of activities.  It has 3 phases, a dressage test, an obstacle course judged on precision and then the obstacle course judged at speed.


There are different levels of competition from

beginner to advanced,

open to all riders and  

all breeds of horses.  


The ultimate goal is to be able to ride the course one handed, in collected walk and canter.

Then please contact Hebden Bridge Equestrian Centre to book in!  


Tel: 01422 846249


Or telephone Tamzin 0782 744 6134

Working equitation can be enjoyed be all abilities of rider, from beginners at riding schools up to international competition level as shown in the video above.